I'm Jake

and I'm a Security Engineer at Facebook.

I have an MS in Computer Science from UC San Diego, where I did some cool research. I've also had internships at Xbox, Raytheon SI, and Microsoft.

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The Dual EC Paper

I worked with Steve Checkoway, Matt Green, DJB, Hovav Shacham, and others to produce On the Practical Exploitability of Dual EC in TLS Implementations, a research paper exploring the vulnerabilities of NIST's Dual EC random number generator.

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Vein: Rivers of Blood

As part of a class project, I worked with a team of six other students to create a real-time 3D networked video game in only ten weeks. Vein is a fast-paced racing game where virues and bacteria navigate the bloodstream in order to infect their human host. Our source code is available on Github

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