Welcome to the blog for Team Jazz’s CSE 167 Final Project. Team Jazz is Zach Johnson, Jacob Maskiewicz, and Amy Chandler. For more about us, see the team page.

Final Product We did it!

12 Dec 2013

Almost There! Stay on target...

11 Dec 2013

We’re so close! A lot of things have been added today. The trench is textured, all the ship models are loaded in, we have lasers and obstacles!

And best of all:


Here are some screenshots:

Project Update 2 CSE 167 Final Project

08 Dec 2013

This week, we settled on our project (death star trench run) and divvied up the work.

As of now, we have decided on the following technical features:

  • Toon shading (targeting computer view mode) (2pts)
  • Procedurally modeled city (death star trench) (2pts)
  • Shape grammar (for the ships) (3pts)
  • Collision detection (2pts)

What each of us have been doing this week:


  • procedurally generating the trench
  • control/motion


  • shape grammar
  • textures


  • modeling shapes for use with the shape grammar (x-wing, y-wing, a-wing)
  • glass control



image of trench


xwing ywing awing

Project Ideas CSE 167 Final Project

01 Dec 2013

This past week, our creative process was inconveniently interrupted by Thanksgiving and familial obligations. Online collaboration has resulted in two promising directions for the final project.


R2D2 vs. Death Star

Demo Theme: In this game, R2D2 has unexpectedly learned to fly and shoot lasers. With his newfound bravado, the little droid decides to challenge the Death Star single handedly.

Potential Technical Features:

  • Procedurally generated terrain for background planets, stars, and asteroids
  • Shape grammar for enemy ships, and potentially R2D2/Death Star
  • Bezier curves for R2D2’s flight path, possibly changing and becoming more difficult with advancing levels
  • Toon shading

Pretend You Can Fly: Exploring California

Demo Theme: Fly over a 3D map of California! Using USGS height map data, the California landscape comes to life. Potentially with the ability to shoot things unnecessarily.

Potential Technical Features:

  • Procedurally generated terrain. Using height map data, convert the California landscape to snow covered mountains, lakes, and generic ground covering to be determined later
  • Collision detection for those inconvenient mountain ranges

Creative Efforts:

Zach has been looking into incorporating camera or user movement through the use of his Google Glass. The project theme will be finalized within the next couple of days.

This week, Zach has also been working on a few special tasks: improving his immune system and not infecting the other members of the group. We are confident in his ability to perform these tasks well and promptly.