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taking the headache out of tar

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What is it?

Tar horror stories. Everyone has one. You used the wrong flags and accidentally overwrote one of your source files without a backup. Or you extracted a tarball over your current directory and deleted half the updates to your project. You spent 30 minutes scouring Google for the right set of flags to extract a zipped tarball instead of an unzipped one. Why are there so many flags!?!

Enter Tartlet. Tartlet is a small commandline wrapper around tar that handles the obnoxious flags for you. Need to extract an archive?

tartlet extract thinmints.tar.gz

Mmmmmmm. Delicious extracted cookies. Need to compress a set of files?

tartlet compress butter sugar flour --output cookie

Mmmmmmmmm. Chocolaty compressed cookies. Tartlet makes it easy to make archives (and apparently I'm craving cookies- please hold).

How to Install

Tartlet is conveniently wrapped up in a gem for you (so you don't have to use tar to open up its tarball) and can be installed via rubygems:

$ gem install tartlet

How to Use it

Tartlet takes a command and then a list of files, with optional flags thrown anywhere.



Options can be placed anywhere in the command, eg. tartlet -d compress -o target file1 file2 is the same as tartlet compress file1 file2 -d -o target which is the same as tartlet compress -d file1 -o target file2. I prefer to put -d before the command, -t after the command but before the files, and -o at the very end, but put them in whatever order makes sense to you.